The Ultimate Guide to Getting a V-Shaped Face in Singapore (2021)

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November 15th, 2020· 5 min read

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Facial shape is an important part of how we perceive the aesthetic attractiveness of someone. [1] The V-shaped face exhibits a couple of features that can subconsciously be seen to be very desirable and attractive.

V-Shaped Face General Characteristics

  • Broader cheekbones area
  • Jawline narrower than cheekbones
  • Dainty and sharp chin
  • Contoured, sculpted, tight, and defined jawline
  • Facial proportions following the size ratio of ⅓ such as for hairline to eyebrows, eyebrows to the base of the nose, and the nose to the chin.

The V-shaped face generally has a slim, dainty and oval structure and is a more refined appearance. It is visually pleasing to the eye which has its roots in mathematical theorems. The ratio ⅓ incorporates the golden ratio and Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man which are both representations of beauty and complexity rooted in mathematics and anatomy. [1]

Who knew math could be beautiful, right?

With these underlying reasons, the V-shaped face has become synonymous with youth, femininity, beauty and desirability. Achieving such proportions may enhance a person’s confidence or life opportunities.

On the other hand, some facial structures may have characteristics that deviate a lot from these facial dimensions and are potentially less desired by some people. For instance, some faces may have a jawline that is as broad or broader than the cheekbone width.

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This can be due to being born with a very broad mandible (lower jawbone), large and bulky masseter muscles (cheek muscles), buccal fat (cheek fat), or even just natural aging, sagging or water retention.

For some, they may possess these facial features and may seek to achieve a more desired facial structure such as the V-shaped face. Fortunately, modern medicine and advancements in technology can help us realize this.

Women Wanting V-shaped face

Are there painless ways to get a V-Shaped Face?

There are many ways to achieve a V-shaped face with minimal to no pain at all. You do not have to go under the knife to transform your appearance.

With the many advancements in medical aesthetic technology, there are now many sophisticated treatment options available that are:

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Minimal to no downtime, swelling, bruising
  • Fast results
  • Short recovery period
  • No risks of general anaesthesia
  • Pain-free or minimal pain

Moreover, many of the treatment procedures for a V-shaped face can be performed during lunchtime, in between work timings, or in the middle of the day so there is no disruption to your work or social schedule for that matter!

Aesthetic treatments to help achieve a V-Shaped Face

  • Botox/ Dysport injectionA Botox/ Dysport injection into the masseters can reduce their size and bulk towards a V-shaped face.

  • HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) treatmentUsing Ultracel Q+ LinearFirm technology, HIFU treatments can be done at a higher standard than conventional HIFU to augment skin properties towards a V-shaped face.

  • Multipolar Radiofrequency treatment
    The devices are able to administer facial skin tightening and lifting especially at the jawline and nasolabial folds, to achieve a V-shaped face.

  • Dermalift injection
    Injections of baby doses of Botox/ Dysport along the jawline for skin lifting and tightening, creating a V-line to the face.

  • Rejuran Healer
    A skin tightening injection administered to specific areas on the face to improve the quality of the skin, towards a V-shape face formation

  • Chin Filler
    An injection to achieve a longer and sharper chin like that of a V-shaped face.

What is the difference between a non-surgical vs surgical route?

While going for jaw reduction surgery may seem like the mainstay to a V-shaped face, there are many non-surgical treatment options available to help you achieve the same thing, especially if you dislike the thought of going under the knife.

Furthermore, the surgical route usually requires general anaesthesia and comes with a longer downtime of swelling and bruising. This would mean that more pain would be involved and you would likely need time off work for at least two weeks. The trade-off, however, is that the results may be more significant in a shorter amount of time.

Non-surgical treatments are a good alternative if you are looking towards non-invasive procedures with less downtime. Such procedures are generally less painful than surgical methods. There is no need for general anaesthesia and no aesthetic risks involved. In fact, they can be lunchtime procedures, and you can return straight to work!

Whichever route you choose, finding an experienced medical aesthetic doctor will be crucial to ensure a smooth and effective experience towards attaining a V-shaped face.

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What can I expect during my consultation?

It is paramount that you find a trusted medical aesthetic doctor.

The first order of business would be for the doctor to analyse your skin and facial contours. He or she would take note of the special areas that you would want taken care of.

Your expected outcomes would then be discussed whilst managing your expectations. It is important that you discuss both your desires and concerns with your doctor as this is to better understand you and tailor a treatment plan that would best suit you.

Finally, a customised treatment plan would be designed for you based on your facial structure and contours to suit your concerns, needs, budget, and schedule.

V-shaped face treatments

What are the types of non-invasive treatments to get a V-Shaped Face?

Let us take a closer look at the different types of non-invasive treatments you can go for. Learn about the specific areas that each treatment targets and how it works.

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1. Botox/Dysport Injection

Botox and Dysport are special proteins that are able to target muscles to allow wrinkles to relax. To achieve a V-shaped face, such injections can be made into the masseters, or cheekbone muscles, reducing the size and bulk of the masseters appearance and result in a slimming effect on the lower part of the face. It is usually done for people with bulky masseters that can be felt.

The results may not be observed immediately as it takes about 2 weeks for the slimming effect to kick in. It would continue to improve over a month. After about 4 months, the injection effect will start to wear off as the masseters will progressively regain their original size.

Having regular sessions about every 4 months will ensure that the slimming effect is maintained.

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2. HIFU Ultracel Q+ LinearFirm

With our latest generation Ultracel Q+ LinearFirm technology, we can administer HIFU treatment with more robustness compared to conventional HIFU.

HIFU treatments, or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound treatments, involve the use of ultrasound apparatus to deliver ultrasonic waves that can heat deep tissue within the skin and stimulate collagen formation.

The Ultracel Q+ LinearFirm technology available at our clinic can administer a more sophisticated version of HIFU treatment that can achieve better results with less of the conventional version’s shortcomings. A V-shaped face can be obtained with HIFU procedures.

The HIFU process involving the Ultracel Q+ apparatus is pain-free even without the need for numbing cream as opposed to conventional HIFU [2]. It provides speed and effectiveness that surpasses that of its predecessor.

The treatment can bring about facial and buccal fat reduction, immediate facial skin tightening effects, long term skin firming and lifting, and lifting of nasolabial folds. It can also be used to treat difficult areas and procedures such as eye wrinkles and lines, eyelid lifts, brow lifts, and forehead lines.

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3. Dermalift

Baby doses of Botox or Dysport can be injected along the jawline to help achieve the contoured dimensions of a V-shaped face.

You can see immediate results that would continue to improve over 2 weeks. The effects do wear off in time and so regular treatments over 4-6 month intervals would be important to maintain it.

4. Rejuran Injectables

Rejuran is made from salmon DNA extracts that have skin healing properties. When injected, Rejuran helps to repair the skin cell DNA which can stimulate collagen production and skin tightening.

As a result, the quality and elasticity of the skin are improved along with decreased lines and wrinkles. [3]

5. Chin Fillers

Chin fillers are special chemicals that are able to do exactly as they are named - to “fill” the chin. For some people, they may have a chin that is short or receding. Chin fillers can be injected to help augment the chin’s appearance to become more prominent and defined. Ultimately, this treatment process will enhance and lengthen the face towards a V-shape.

Over time, the effects may wear off and so repeated treatments have to be done to maintain the shape.

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Are there any side effects to V-Shaped Face Treatments?

Generally, the non-invasive treatments are safe with minimal downtime.

There may be potentially some side effects from heat devices including mild redness or swelling post-treatment. However, those issues will subside quickly.

For injectables, bruising and mild swelling may appear post-treatment but will resolve over 2-3 days.

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Do V-Shaped Face Treatments work for men?

Some males also desire to have a broader and more prominent jawline and chin as your image may exude more of a sense of masculinity. The ideal proportions are a long rectangular face that differs from popular female sentiments towards desired facial structures which are more V-shaped.

Many of the treatments mentioned earlier are used to achieve a more chiseled and contoured lower face and jawline. They are definitely suitable for males as well to get a more sculpted and defined jawline.

The treatments can be customised in a way to achieve the different facial shape that most males desire. Chin fillers are originally used to create a pointed and narrow chin but with some adjustments to the treatment process. a broader chin can be achieved.

Enhancement of the mandibular angle with fillers can be carried out towards this goal if the lower facial structure is small. Unless your masseters are extremely bulky, Botox injections may not be necessary.

Consult your trusted medical aesthetic doctor to learn the best treatment route to achieve your desired goals.

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Women with V-shaped face

How often do I have to undergo treatments to maintain a V-Shaped Face?

Most non-invasive V-shaped face treatments have to be done at regular intervals to sustain the V-shaped face effects. Most of them, such as Dermalift procedures, require a visit back to your aesthetic doctor every 4 to 6 months.

For instance, Botox or Dysport effects tend to last only 4 months and so have to be repeated after intervals of that time period.

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For masseter muscle injections, the masseters tend to become weaker and hence in a progressive fashion, the effects would last longer and require fewer visits would be required over time.

HIFU procedures need to be done every 6 to 12 months to maintain the effects of the treatment. Chin fillers can be done over intervals of 12 months.

If you miss a session, fret not! Your face will not lose its V-line immediately unless it is for Botox masseter reduction and chin augmentation.

If you have been having HIFU and Dermalift treatments, the collagen remodeling and lifting last longer. Your changed features may not have the same prominence, but it should not revert to your original state. Your appearance will not be worse than the pretreatment state.

Simply revisit your aesthetic doctor for follow-up treatments. That said, try not to postpone your scheduled treatment for too long to optimise your outcomes and results.

What is the cost of V-Shaped Face Treatments?

The cost of each V-shaped face treatment will vary depending on the type of procedure. Beyond that, different clinics may charge differently as well.

Masseter reduction

starts from $600

HIFU treatment

starts from $700

Chin filler

starts from $600


starts from $500

Unfortunately, Medisave does not cover the cost of these treatments as these are elective cosmetic procedures.

Other alternatives for getting a V-Shaped Face

There are other options you can turn to if you are keen on getting a V-shaped face. A non-invasive alternative would be to undergo multipolar radiofrequency treatment or thread lifts performed by therapists.

Beyond that, there are products and things you can do to work towards that sculpted face shape. You can use V face facials and masks but their effects are temporary.

V face exercises may be able to work the right muscles to keep them toned enough to cause uplift to the skin. Doing such exercises daily may maintain the effect somewhat but it is still a temporary measure especially as you age.


Getting the prized V-shape look on your face could enhance your image and self-confidence. The information in this guide should have given you enough to make a more informed decision towards getting a V-shaped face treatment.

Still, having doctors like us to have a closer look at your facial structure would ensure a more accurate assessment of what you need.

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