Jaw surgery may be a corrective or cosmetic procedure.

  1. For corrective jaw surgeries, they are practical and aimed at correcting the function of ones jaws such as improving chewing and speaking, and addressing existing problems such as pain from jaw disorders or helping to minimise the wear of teeth.

  2. In cosmetic or aesthetic jaw surgeries, the aim is to acheive a more presentable appearance of the patient's face such as through jaw reduction. Moreover, there are plastic surgeons who are able to perform this procedure.

Recent Questions

Is there a non-surgical, permanent way of jaw reduction/ buccal fat removal?

There are non-surgical methods of jaw reduction or buccal fat reduction. Botox or Dysport injection of your masseters can reduce the size of your masseters to enhance your jawline and give you a slimmer and more V-shaped jawline. However, the effect of the injection lasts about 4-6 months and have to be repeated every 6 months when the effect of the Botox or Dysport wears out.

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