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1. Specialty/Sub-Specialty/Area of Medicine

  • Aesthetic Medicine

2. Services

  • Body

  • Coolsculpting Fat Freeze

  • Laser Hair Removal

  • Face

  • HIFU face lift

  • Silhouette Soft/PDO face lift

  • HIFU treatment and recovery

  • Wrinkles removal/reduction

  • HIKO nose thread

  • Saggy/sunken cheek fillers

  • Skin

  • Carbon Peel Laser

  • Skin tightening (FOTONA VERSA )

  • Pores and Pigmentation removal (Pico Laser)

  • Acne treatment (StarWalker Multimode Laser)

  • Rejuran healer

  • Facial (PURE microdermabrasion)

  • Fillers skin boosters

3. Experience

With more than 8 years of experience and having attended to 5000+ aesthetic cases, Dr. Chua has developed a unique protocol to make sure that his patients get the results they want with minimally invasive procedures.

Besides seeing patients, Dr. Chua also actively strives to teach the new generation of Aestheticians as a trainer and speaker for the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. He also holds the position of Key Opinion Leader in Southeast Asia for a variety of aesthetic technologies, including Ultraformer HIFU and Teosyal fillers.

You can find Dr. Chua at the growing Veritas Medical Aesthetics, which he is the founder and medical director of. As the clinic name "Veritas" (Latin for truth/truthfulness) suggests, Dr Chua firmly believes that honesty in the medical practice is not a virtue, it's a must.

Dr. Chua obtained his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) in Singapore and has the acclaimed membership of Royal College of Surgeons (MRCS) Edinburgh.

Outside of the clinic, Dr. Chua's interests include playing the piano, guitar, and saxophone and taking pictures of landscapes. He regularly writes in his informative blog in his free time to educate the public on aesthetic treatments.

On Human, Dr. Chua has answered over 100 questions, including questions on how aesthetic medical devices such as HIFU compare with Microneedling RF, how to remove surgical scars, and the effectiveness of treatments for skin issues like acne scars or enlarged pores.

Also read his comprehensive guides on Rejuran, HIFU treatment, CoolSculpting, Nose Fillers and Nose Threadlifts.

Dr Chua is a winner of the Human10 Trusted Reviews Award 2020. Click here to read his story.

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  • MBBS
  • MRCS

Recent Answers

There's a new treatment in clinics called photobiomodulation that claims to be able to treat acne without pain or discomfort. Does it really work?

Thank you for your question. Photobiomodulation has been used in a variety of conditions because of its regenerative properties. It refers to the use of low-level laser light to activate pathways in the skin cell’s powerhouse known as mitochondria, that accelerate tissue repair and healing. Photobiomodulation is used for anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and wound healing purposes on the skin, and has beneficial effects on active acne, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne marks, as well as sensitive skin.

What is the difference between an aesthetic doctor and a dermatologist? How do I decide which is more suitable for my needs?

A dermatologist is a specialist trained in managing disease in the skin. An aesthetic doctor is usually a general practitioner with a specific interest in aesthetic medicine, even though there are some specialists from other medical fields that also choose to focus on only doing aesthetic medicine (commonly general surgeons and gynaecologists). Aesthetic medicine is not recognized as a formal medical specialty yet in most parts of the world, because it is very new, and many healthcare systems in the world do not provide formal training in aesthetic medicine.

How does Fotona 4D compare with Thermage and HIFU?

Fotona 4D The Fotona 4D is a unique protocol that uses 4 different lasers to target different layers of ageing, from deep cheek fat and retaining ligaments, to the surface fat layers, deep skin and also surface skin layers. It is the only laser system in the world that makes use of various non-ablative lasers that can reach down bone deep to tighten different layers. Thermage Thermage is a branded monopolar radio-frequency device that delivers electromagnetic energy into the different layers of skin to induce heat to cause tightening.

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Getting Rid Of Acne Scars

Dr Chua Cheng Yu (Veritas Medical Aesthetics) is a frequent trainer at medical seminars and the Key Opinion Leader in Southeast Asia for multiple aesthetic technologies, including the Ultraformer HIFU and Teosyal fillers. His clinic mirrors his philosophy of functional aesthetics: holistic health and beauty. In his spare time he plays the piano, dabbles with amateur photography and maintains a personal blog.


Veritas Medical Aesthetics 13 Stamford Road #B 2-35 Capitol Piazza Singapore 178905

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