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There's a new treatment in clinics called photobiomodulation that claims to be able to treat acne without pain or discomfort. Does it really work?

Thank you for your question. Photobiomodulation has been used in a variety of conditions because of its regenerative properties. It refers to the use of low-level laser light to activate pathways in the skin cell’s powerhouse known as mitochondria, that accelerate tissue repair and healing. Photobiomodulation is used for anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and wound healing purposes on the skin, and has beneficial effects on active acne, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne marks, as well as sensitive skin.

How do laser treatments improve droopy breasts or help with breast enhancement?

Lasers help with treating droopy breasts, but it depends on what type of laser is used. Droopy breasts result naturally from aging due to a change in the size, shape and firmness of breasts. It can be accelerated or more pronounced with breastfeeding, post-pregnancy, or after losing some weight. This is because with a reduction in breast volume, breast skin and ligaments that were stretched do not contract back as much due to a loss in elasticity. Laser treatments are able to tighten skin over and around the breast, as well as strengthen breast tissue and ligaments.

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