Gastroenterologists perform a number of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures including colonoscopy, endoscopy, endoscopic retrograde cholangiancreatography (ERCP), endoscopic ultrasound and liver biopsy.

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What are my options as a Hepatitis B vaccine non-responder?

The current recommendation is to repeat another 3 doses of the vaccine.

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Dr Stephen Chang

General Surgeon

What are the causes of having sharp pain just above belly button when pressed?

Pain over the location just above the belly button usually indicates issues with the stomach. This is especially so if the pain or discomfort is associated with your meals or occur more frequently at night. In some cases, there is a sensation of "burning" discomfort that travels up the chest wall or throat discomfort especially in the morning with a bitter or sour taste in your mouth. Having said that, there are conditions that affect other organs near the stomach which may give rise to similar discomfort.

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Dr Wai Leong Quan


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Colorectal Surgery & Colon Cancer

Dr Wong is a certified specialist colorectal and general surgeon. He obtained his basic medical degree from the National University of Singapore Faculty of Medicine in 1993. Since graduation, he has worked and trained in the largest and busiest Tertiary Hospitals in Singapore, including National University Hospital and Singapore General Hospital.

He obtained his Fellowship with the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh in 1999, and was accepted in the internationally renowned Department of Colorectal Surgery in Singapore General Hospital as a surgical trainee. He was granted two overseas training awards : one in the United Kingdom at the busy Royal Infirmary in Yorkshire, and another at the Weill-Cornell Medical College in New York, USA. He qualified as a fully trained laparoscopic colorectal surgeon in 2003.

Dr Wong’s specialist interest is in colorectal cancers. Beyond colonoscopy screening for early colorectal cancer, he also performs Minimally Invasive Surgery for excellent surgical outcome. He offers the latest and most advanced techniques in management of benign colorectal diseases like haemorrhoids and fistulae. He also performs standard general surgical operations like laparoscopic gallbladder and hernia surgery.

Dr Wong is also a faculty member of the Asian Endosurgery Task Force, where he helps train the next generation of laparoscopic surgeons.


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