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Dr Jarrod Lee graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1998 and attained
specialist accreditation in 2009. He started private practice in 2013 and ran a successful
solo practice before founding gutCARE in 2014. gutCARE has since grown to be the
leading group practice is digestive disorders, with regional authorities anchoring the
various sub-specialty fields.

Dr Jarrod Lee is a well-recognised endoscopist in the region. He has established himself
in advanced endoscopy, in complex endoscopic cases and in combining endoscopic
platforms and techniques. He is one of a few doctors in Asia to win the coveted ASGE AV
Award for endoscopy. In 2011, an international expert panel selected his submission
over 100 submissions from 17 countries to win the prestigious international award. His
technique for endoscopic ultrasound was included in the ASGE Learning Library, which
serves as an international reference standard for endoscopy.

Dr Lee is regularly invited as faculty in endoscopic workshops and conferences both
locally and regionally. He lectures and performs demonstrations extensively, especially
in his subspecialty interests of advanced endoscopy, digestive cancers and
pancreatobiliary disorders. He is one of the few doctors in Singapore recognized as a
‘Key Opinion Leader’ by the industry leaders in endoscopy and is invited to evaluate new
endoscopic technologies in Singapore. He reviews for the top endoscopy journals in the
world and consults for the major companies in the endoscopy industry.

Despite the many advances in endoscopy, Dr Lee believes that technology does not
replace technique, which one must constantly evolve and improve. And endoscopy does
not replace the fundamentals of good clinical practice: the evidence based yet patient
centric clinical care, multi-disciplinary teamwork and good communication with patients
and family physicians.

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Phone: 67343435


  • MBBS(S'pore)
  • MRCP(UK)

Dr Jarrod Lee offers the following treatments

  • Fibroscan Liver Health Assessment
  • Coeliac Axis Blocks
  • Stents (Pancreatic and Biliary Stents, Enteral Stents)
  • Luminal dilation
  • Small intestine endoscopy (Capsule Endoscopy/Double Balloon Endoscopy)
  • Advanced polypectomy
  • Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS)
  • Digestive & Liver Assessment
  • Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)
  • Gastroscopy
  • Colonoscopy
  • Cancer Screening

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Recent Answers

Is there a test for SIBO in Singapore?

The best test for SIBO today is combined hydrogen methane breath testing using glucose as a substrate. Its effectiveness is proven in multiple studies in well established journals. It is able to detect SIBO in both hydrogen and methane producers, and is very accurate. It is simple and usually conducted in a clinic setting. This test has become available in Singapore in the past 3-4 years. It is available in the some of the tertiary hospitals in the public sector, including SGH, NUH, TTSH and CGH. In the private sector, this test is available in gutCARE, our digestive group practice.

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Dr Jarrod Lee


Can I take laxatives if I'm trying to conceive?

Pregnancy is a risk factor for constipation. Many of our patients with constipation complain that it worsens with pregnancy. In these cases, they may have to take laxatives to help with the constipation symptoms. Usually, we choose simple and safe laxatives that stay only in the gut and do not enter the body per se. for example, a stool softener like lactulose. Simple lifestyle measures are crucial, including adequate water and fibre intake, and regular exercise. Senna and other laxatives do not affect fertility. Senna appears to be safe and does not appear to harm the fetus in animal studies.

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Dr Jarrod Lee


Can Hepatitis B be transmitted during IVF?

Hepatitis B is transmitted from mother to child at birth, not at the time of conception. Hence, Hepatitis B is not an issue for IVF, as the virus cannot be transmitted at IVF. If the IVF is successful, you would be no different from many other Hepatitis B mothers. To prevent transmission at birth, your baby will need Hepatitis B vaccination and immunoglobulin within 12 hours of birth. During pregnancy, your obstetrician will monitor your liver function and Hepatitis B viral load.

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Dr Jarrod Lee


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