What are the causes of having sharp pain just above belly button when pressed?

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Pain over the location just above the belly button usually indicates issues with the stomach. This is especially so if the pain or discomfort is associated with your meals or occur more frequently at night. In some cases, there is a sensation of "burning" discomfort that travels up the chest wall or throat discomfort especially in the morning with a bitter or sour taste in your mouth.

Having said that, there are conditions that affect other organs near the stomach which may give rise to similar discomfort. Gallstone disease may produce a pain which is difficult to distinguish from that of gastritis, although such pain is usually more intense and often occurs after an oily meal. The other organ that may be affected is the pancreas, which can cause a persistent pain at the same location that often radiates towards the back.

If you can feel a distinct pulsation beat over the same area where the pain is, the aorta (main artery) may also be involved.

The key points to note is the duration, progression and other associated symptoms which comes with this pain. If your pain lasted more than 4 weeks, getting more intense, lasting longer or occurring more frequently, or if you notice a loss of appetite, loss of weight, black stools of brownish (tea-coloured) urine, you should consult your doctor soonest possible for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

-Dr Quan

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Pain is a sensation one gets if there is excessive stimulation of sensory nerve endings in any organ. This excessive signals can be due to inflammation, injury, stretching or spasms/cramps. The stomach, being part of the digestive tract, has nerve endings which are sensitive to gastric acid and spasms. If there is excessive gastric acid production or abdominal cramps, one may experience abdominal pain. This pain may not be associated with any change in your stools. Another common reason is abdominal pain which originates from nearby organs, not within the stomach.

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Dr Wai Leong Quan


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