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Why are our eyes red after reading from the computer screen?

You must be suffering from digital eye strain. Red eyes means that they are either dry, inflamed or infected. Make sure to blink more often and be sure to get your eyes checked as well. As many people are only blinking halfway, I suspect that’s the most likely reason why your eyes are red – they are dry because you are not blinking completely.

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Consult a Plastic Surgeon: Ptosis and Droopy Eyelids

Ended on February 26, 2021

About Dr Adrian Ooi
Consultant Plastic Surgeon & Medical Director, Polaris Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Adrian Ooi is a highly experienced plastic surgeon who is paving the way for aesthetic surgery at his ultra-modern practice in Singapore. Dr. Ooi has amassed experiences from all around the world and is the proud recipient of a Scholarship from MOH, which allowed him to further his practice at the University of Chicago Medical Centre. He also honed his craft at the Wellington Hospital in London, where he trained and learned from veteran British plastic surgeons. His wide reach of knowledge allows him to cover a multitude of procedures, ranging from simple nicks to complex surgeries.

Beyond LASIK: Minimally-Invasive Laser Vision Correction Techniques

Ended on February 24, 2021

With more than 25 years of specialty experience, Senior Ophthalmologist & Founder of Clearvision, Dr. Tony Ho, has been a respected figure in the Singapore ophthalmology and refractive surgery fields.

Always embracing change and innovation, Dr. Ho is a strong advocate of safe, flapless and minimally-invasive laser vision correction techniques like TransPRK and ReLEx SMILE. As the founder and main eye doctor of Clearvision Eye Clinic & LASIK Centre, Dr. Tony Ho makes it his mission to help his patients to see clearly, safely.

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