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Does eating vitamin supplements help in treating myopia?

I don’t know if there are very strong evidences for treating myopia with vitamin supplements but it is generally very good for your health as long as there isn’t an overdose. Ultimately, it still boils down to proper myopia management such as outdoor activities and balanced diet, but there is no need to binge on vitamin supplements to prevent myopia.

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Dr Daphne Han


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Childhood Myopia: Why Managing Is the Best Way Forward

Ended on December 11, 2020

Dr Daphne Han is a Senior Ophthalmologist in Singapore Medical Specialists Centre. She has been in Eye practice since 1999 and manages eye diseases through all ages, with a special focus on COMPREHENSIVE EYE HEALTH, CATARACT SURGERY, LASIK, SMILE and ICL (implantable contact lens).

She authored and reviewed scientific articles and spearheaded research into myopia, and continues to contribute as College Ophthalmology examiner in Singapore. She volunteers as Eye Consultant for several charities in Singapore and abroad.


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