Often, people develop cataracts at around 50 to 70 years of age. However, certain factors might cause the development of cataracts at a younger age:

  • Trauma: Any prior injury including blunt force to the eye can cause cataracts.
  • Excessive sunlight or UV exposure.
  • Overuse of steroid medication in the forms of oral steroids, nasal steroid sprays or steroid eyedrops.
  • A high degree of myopia or short-sightedness.
  • Prior eye laser or eye surgery

Recent Questions

Does LASIK and implanted contact lenses cause cataracts?

LASIK won’t cause cataracts at all. Implanted contact lenses can cause premature cataracts if the sizing is incorrect (e. g. too small) and it is not removed. Hence, instead of developing cataracts at 60 years old, you’ll probably have it at 40 years old.

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Dr Natasha Lim


What's the most important advice doctors can give to someone with cataracts?

See an eye doctor that you trust and get an honest opinion from them, whether or not it's affecting the eye. If the doctor is honest and cares about you they will give you a decision whether or not it needs treatment. Because most patients with cataracts actually don't need treatment because it is not affecting their eyes or vision.

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Dr Harold Choi


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Cataract Awareness for Cataract Awareness Month.

Ended on June 26, 2020

Dr Choi has published research on cases like allergic keratoconjunctivitis, diabetic macular disease, microscopic findings in droopy eyelids, angle-closure glaucoma to cataract assessment and grading. He has been invited to international conferences, speaking on prevention of myopia progression, squints in children, eye tumours in children, and astigmatism correction surgery.

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