When do I need to get double eyelid surgery on the other eye if ptosis correction gives me a double eyelid on one eye?

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Dr Adrian Ooi

Plastic Surgeon

Hi there,

If you've had ptosis correction on one eye which has led to the formation of a double eyelid, there generally tends to be a period of 6-8 weeks required for the swelling to settle down before seeing what the final result is like.

This way, if you desire symmetricalizing procedures to the other upper eyelid, you can then be assessed for the most appropriate procedure during this time.

Hope this helps.

Dr Adrian

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Can double eyelid surgery be performed without general anaesthesia?

Thank you for your question. It's actually preferable that double eyelid surgery be performed without general anaesthesia. Any eye surgery involves very fine work and millimetre differences make a big difference. The eyelid is a dynamic structure and balancing one eye with the other is difficult if the patient is asleep and unable to open their eyes. I perform both upper and lower blepharoplasties under local anaesthesia. Hope this helps!

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Answered By

Dr Christopher Chui

Plastic Surgeon

Can asymmetry after double suture technique (DST) double eyelid surgery be corrected?

Thank you for your question. It is possible to correct asymmetries after a suture blepharoplasty procedure, however, not all problems can be addressed by repeating the same technique. The suture technique aims to create a fold but it does not address any excess skin and may not address ptosis of the eyelid. If you are considering revision, it's best to wait about 6 months after your first procedure to see if the asymmetry is due to swelling. Also, it's best to return to your original plastic surgeon as they will know what was done in the first procedure and what the possible remedies are.

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Answered By

Dr Christopher Chui

Plastic Surgeon

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