Are Skinboosters or Rejuran more effective for redness and sensitive skin?

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Hello TH,

Skin booster helps to hydrate the skin while rejuran helps to repair the skin. Rejuran as a skin healer has anti inflammatory properties and it will be the more suitable product to reduce skin redness.

It is also suitable for all skin types.

Rejuran can even be combined with certain skin boosters to get the best of both products.


Dr Jiwei Wu

Rejuran is definitely more suitable than normal skin boosters if your skin is sensitive and easily inflamed, as Rejuran is a “healer” treatment, which heals and makes your skin cells recover better, getting more youthful and healthier skin.

Restylane Skin boosters are mainly for treating issues of skin dehydration, not skin redness and sensitivity.

For skin redness and sensitivity, Rejuran should be more suitable. Rejuran is extracted from Salmon DNA and has good wound repair and anti-inflammatory properties.

Restylane Vital Light contains hyaluronic acid and will give your skin a good dose of deep hydration. This should add a nice glow to your complexion!

Warmest regards,

Dr Matthew Yap

It will clearly be Rejuran if you are asking for skin redness and sensitivity.

But I don't see why combining both components/treatments cannot be considered. that would be even more optimal a treatment plan


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