Is it possible to have laser treatment if I have eczema prone skin?

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I agree that you can still consider laser treatment in the presence of eczema prone skin. There is certainly a higher risk that the eczema can be aggravated by the laser treatments.

For acne scar laser treatments, there are various treatment options like ablative lasers (eg. fractional lasers) and non ablative lasers, some treatments are more intense than others and may have longer downtime. So the type of treatment used will impact the skin differently too.

It is best to get the eczema under control before considering laser treatment. As eczema and sensitive skin also varies in severity, it is best to see your doctor/dermatologist who should be able to assess you and advise you accordingly on the suitability for laser treatments.

Hi D – yes, there is definitely a higher chance of aggravating your eczema with laser treatment.

Your doctor may choose to use a lower powered laser setting to see what happens initially, and to minimize the chance of a flare up.

It’s hard for me to comment on whether it’s worth it for you to bite the bullet as you didn’t give me any other pertinent details – ie how well controlled your eczema is, how many flares you’ve had, how severe are your flare ups etc.

The worst that could happen is you get a bad flare up of your eczema. I’d suggest ensuring your eczema is well-controlled first before seeking a doctor for further advise and treatment for your acne scars. Unfortunately, all treatments for acne scars have a chance of making your eczema worse as well.

In this situation, the best doctor for you to seek advise from for treating your acne scars when you have a background of eczema is a dermatologist.


Thank you for your question.

I agree that laser is still an option for you despite your eczema prone skin.

The first question is, how stable is your eczema? If it has been well controlled, then you can consider having laser treatments.

The next question is, whats your goal for laser treatments? As this will determine your choice of lasers.

Hope this helps.

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