Hand surgeons perform a wide variety of operations such as fracture repairs, releases, transfer and repairs of tendons and reconstruction of injuries, rheumatoid deformities and congenital defects.

They also perform microsurgical reattachment of amputated digits and limbs, microsurgical reconstruction of soft tissues and bone, nerve reconstruction, and surgery to improve function in paralysed upper limbs.

Recent Questions

I injured my right thumb and I feel pain in the dorsal region of the metacarpophalangeal joint. what could be the reason for the pain and when should I see a doctor? (photo)

Thank you for your inquiry. From the photographs, there appears to be some swelling and redness over the dorsal aspect of the metacarpophalangeal joint (MCPJ) of the right thumb. in the second photograph, it seems that the extension of the thumb is possible. In fact, the thumb is hyperextended at the MCPJ of the thumb which may indicate a normal variant of MCPJ laxity, commonly seen in young persons.

Photo of Dr Aaron Gan

Answered By

Dr Aaron Gan

Hand Surgeon

What are the long-term side effects of a TFCC surgery

If the TFCC surgery is done well and results in full healing of the damaged TFCC, there should not be any long-term side effects. In fact, patients who have received successful treatment with good post-operative hand therapy may regain full strength and motion in the wrist in around 6 months.

Photo of Dr Aaron Gan

Answered By

Dr Aaron Gan

Hand Surgeon


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