What could be the cause of non-itchy red rashes on my torso? (photos)

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Thank you for the question. It is difficult to be sure from the clinical photos and you should visit your doctor/dermatologist for a thorough history and physical examination for a proper diagnosis.

Some possibilities include pityriasis rosea, secondary syhilis and viral exanthem. But I do advise to see your doctor to confirm the diagnosis.

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What should I do for extremely dry skin not responding to moisturisers?

It appears that you are experiencing eczema that is not responding to your moisturiser regime. These are a couple of steps you can try to improve your condition: 1. Emollients You can consider using a water-based one like Cetaphil as the base moisturiser, and then add on a protective oil-based moisturizer like paraffin. This is particularly important for cold, dry climates. 2. Exfoliation A very gently done exfoliation with a sponge can help remove the keratinised layer of skin, and improve the moisturising effect of the emollients. Don’t overdo it. Once a week is safe. 3.

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Dr Winston Lee


What could cause persistent rash and itch after sandfly bites?

Sorry to hear that your skin rashes are breaking out all over. Sandfly or insect bite reaction is due to a hypersensitivity response of your body to the insect bites. In susceptible individuals, the body mounts a hypersensitive or ‘allergic’ response to the foreign protein deposited in the skin from the bite. The reaction can persist for weeks to months after the initial insect bite. People with atopy (ie asthma, eczema or allergic rhinitis/sinus) may be more susceptible to insect bite reactions.

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Dr Colin Theng


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