What are the risks of getting Rejuran, Botox and fillers when on Roaccutane?

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In my practice, I don't find that it is a problem.

However I would be cautious if the Isotretioin dosage is excessively high as the skin would be prone to poor healing. I would rather wait for the dose to be about 40-50 mg a week before i commence the above injectables.

Just a personal preference, but practices can differ amongst doctors.

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Is it normal to have a breakout after Rejuran Skin Booster treatment?

Hello TH, It is unusual to have a breakout after rejuran treatment. However if you are acne prone and have sensitive skin, any treatment to the face may result in breakout. You may benefit from a short course of oral antibiotics after the treatment if it happens to you again. Speak to your doctor to find out more. All the best!

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Dr Jiwei Wu


Is Rejuran or Ellanse best for dark circles, saggy skin and under eye wrinkles?

Hi there! It is good that you have read about Rejuran and Ellanse. However, my short answer is that neither were created for the purpose of improving dark eye circles, and saggy skin/wrinkles under the eyes. I agree with Dr. Pang's opinion on use of energy-based devices such as monopolar radiofrequency (RF) and high-intensity ultrasound (HIFU) for skin tightening and collagen stimulation as a first-line for mild-moderate cases of saggy skin and wrinkles.

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Dr Joanna Chan


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