Should I extract my wisdom teeth before doing braces?

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In general, wisdom teeth are only extracted if they are impacted and causing pain or infection, at risk of causing decay or gum diseases to the tooth in front, causing biting issues or in the way of your braces treatment.

For my patients, I would normally advise to have the wisdom teeth assessed BEFORE braces treatment as it may not need to be extracted at all! Your best bet would be to consult an orthodontist to get a proper diagnosis for your braces treatment first and during the consultation, the orthodontist wil be able to advise if you need the wisdom teeth extracted.

I hope this helps! Good luck.

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When is it necessary to see a specialist for wisdom tooth extraction in Singapore?

Hello Z, In Singapore, general dentists are trained to remove wisdom teeth. You can see your general dentist to have an assessment of the position of your wisdom teeth with X-rays and determine the difficulty of removing the tooth. If your dentist feels that there may be difficulty e. g, the wisdom tooth is dangerously close to a nerve, then your dentist will refer you to an appropriate specialist. If there are no problems anticipated with your tooth, then your general dentist would be well able to remove it. Certainly, you can see a specialist directly to remove your wisdom tooth.

Photo of Dr Asha  Karunakaran

Answered By

Dr Asha Karunakaran


How does wisdom teeth affect treatment planning for Invisalign?

Usually wisdom teeth are not aligned during Invisalign unless the teeth are fully erupted an in function (you are using it to chew). I do not routinely ask my patients to remove their wisdom teeth prior to Invisalign as we do not usually require the space that the wisdom teeth occupy for alignment. In certain specific cases, the upper wisdom teeth may need to be removed to allow distalization (where all the teeth are moved backwards in the arch) as part of a camouflage treatment.

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Answered By

Dr Jaclyn Toh


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