What is wisdom tooth extraction?

Wisdom tooth extraction or wisdom tooth surgery are medical procedures to remove the third molars, teeth that typically erupt from the late teenage years into the early twenties.

Is wisdom tooth removal a major surgery?

Wisdom tooth removal can be performed as an extraction or as a surgery. When a tooth is completely erupted through the gum and forceps can remove it easily, a tooth extraction is enough. But if a tooth is not fully erupted or not erupted through the gum, an incision to remove gum or bone may be needed. This is a wisdom tooth surgical extraction. Sometimes, the dentist or dental specialist would need to break the tooth into a few parts before it can be completely removed from the gum and jaw.

Is wisdom tooth removal painful?

Because wisdom tooth removal without some form of anaesthesia would be painful, your dentist or dental specialist might recommend local anaesthesia, sedation, or general anaesthesia to help you undergo the procedure without pain. Your dentist or dental specialist will advise us on which pain relief option is most appropriate for your individual situation.

Recent Questions

What are the possible reasons for needing a 2nd x-ray for wisdom teeth extraction?

The purpose of a pre-operative xray of the wisdom tooth is to allow the dentist to assess: The presence and extent of any decay. The amount of bone surrounding the tooth. The bone density. The wisdom tooth position and degree of impaction. The number of roots present. The root form and curvature. The proximity of the tooth or roots to any vital structures (such as the maxillary sinus, the inferior alveolar canal). The presence of cystic change or other intrabony lesions related to the wisdom tooth.

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