What are the possible reasons for prolonged skin redness and itch after Action II fractional laser treatment in patients who have post-inflammatory erythema? (photo)

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Post-fractional lasering redness may last several weeks to months in some patients. Possible contributing causes include:

1. Use of more aggressive treatment parameters

2. Internal skin sensitivity

3. External causes of skin irritation such as harsh skin cleanser, excessive washing, cosmetics, skincare products (e.g. toners), topical medicaments (e.g. tretinoin).

Your performing doctor is the best person to evaluate your condition and advise you on how best to manage it.

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What should I do about dry and sensitive skin around my eyelids?

I agree with Dr Ethan that this is likely to be eczema affecting the eyelids from the desciption but do see your dermatologist to confirm this. Mild steroidal creams or non steroidal creams like elidel or protopic can help to settle the eczema. Avoid scratching and rubbing the area as this will further aggravate the skin. Yoy should also use a gentle soap free cleanser when washing the face. If you are using cosmetics around the eyes, you may want to consider stopping this for a while as some products may cause the skin to become more itchy and red.

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Which is the best laser for post-inflammatory erythema and redness?

PIE from previous acne can be treated by a wide range of lasers. This very recent review paper (Light-based devices in the treatment of cutaneous vascularlesions: An updated review) shows a compilation of more than 50 clinical papers of the options to treat vascular skin lesions. I shall summarize their findings below. Long pulse visible light options like KTP (green) or CB/PDL (yellow) are extremely useful, with the yellow light options having most affinity to "redness" and more suitable for darker Asian skin types - still the GOLD STANDARD for treatment.

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