How does intradermal botox (i.e. micro botox) differ from topical treatments like brimonidine and metronidazole, for the treatment of erythema rosacea?

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When Botox is injected in low concentrations in between the layers of the skin. It acts as a chemo-denervating agent, which blocks nerve signals to susceptible skin structures, such as sweat glands, apocrine glands and small skin blood vessels to prevent their normal activities. As a result of this chemo-denervation, there will be less sweat, less body odour and less flushing.

The other topical treatments that you have mentioned acts either directly on the skin blood vessels to constrict them (e.g. bromonidine) or indirectly by reducing skin inflammation contributing to the erythema (e.g. metronidazole).

However, do be careful when using botox. Do not add excess botox as it can cause Botulism, an illness which can cause respiratory failure and is also proved deadly.

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What are effective topical treatments to speed up the fading of Post Acne Erythema?

Sorry to hear that you are troubled with post acne red marks. Laser is indeed the best way of removing these marks. We usually use the pulsed dye laser (VBEAM) as it is excellent in shutting down the blood vessels and resulting in fading even after 1-3 sessions. In terms of topicals, we usually advise patients to practice strict sun protection and apply sunscreen daily as well as to reduce sun exposure as much as possible. As long as there are no new active acne forming, these marks will usually fade gradually over time. Hope this helps!

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Dr Stephanie Ho


Are there safe topical treatments for post-inflammatory erythema in Singapore?

Hi, Generally, all post-inflammatory erythema with take several weeks to months to gradually clear on its own. The more intense the preceding inflammation, the longer it will usually take to clear. If you are bothered about the post-inflammatory erythema, a concealer is probably the safest way to conceal it while your skin heals itself and the redness fades away. Mirvaso (bromonidine) gel, used to treat the redness of Rosacea may possibly work but it is costly and may cause skin irritation in 10% of patients using it. Hope this helps!

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Dr Chin Yee Choong


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