How long will it take for face asymmetry caused by botox to wear off?

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Facial asymmetry due to differential muscle blocking response to Botox is self-limiting and often takes several weeks to months to gradually improve.

Alternatively, careful placement of touch up Botox to the side that has a poorer response to the earlier Botox injections may help address the facial asymmetry faster within 1-2 weeks.

A proper assessment by your attending doctor who treated you in the first place is most important to address your concerns as he/she knows how much Botox was used and where he/she injected into.

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We tell patients that the Botox procedure needs to be repeated every three to four months. Although we tell patients it will last for four to five months, sometimes six months, that really depends.

When you do get a side effect like an asymmetrical smile, it can be adjusted by adding a little bit more Botox to balance out the antagonistic muscles. The effect of Botox on the unevenness usually wears out in about four to six weeks anyway. It doesn't really last three to four months. So that's where, you know, tell patients that it will soften and it will become less obvious in about four to six weeks.

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Will botox cause any permanent effects over the years if used repeatedly at the same spot?

botox used regularly over the same area can lead to semi-permanent atrophy (shrinking) of the muscle. This is why I always advise "jaw botox" not to be overdone. Hope this helps!

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