How can I get the best results for my acne scars and large pores? (photo)

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You have a combination of boxcar scars and ice pick acne scars in addition to large pores.

Rest assured, you can treat and improve your scars with these effective treatments.

These are the common acne scar/ ice pick scar treatments in Singapore:

  • TCA Cross
  • Subcision +/- Filler (hyaluronic acid/ Radiesse/ Rejuran)
  • Fractional CO2 / Fractional Pico Laser
  • Fractional Radio-frequency Microneedling (Infini)

You can expect up to 70% improvement for your scars after several treatment sessions using a combination of treatments.

I usually combine several treatments for your various scar types as this gives the best results.

My advice for you is to consult with a doctor who specialises in acne scar removal so that you get the most results from each treatment. Some treatments are more effective for you than others!

Before you start any treatment, it'll be good for you to know more about acne scar treatment costs in Singapore.

For acne scars and large pores, there are various treatments than can be used including chemical peels and laser treatments.

The fractional laser is good treatment option for depressed scars. Usually 3 to 4 sessions may be required and the expected improvement is estimated at about 30 to 50%. There may be a downtime of 3 to 7 days with this treatment. In some cases, this can be combined with subcision for some of deeper acne scars.

It will be good for you to consult your doctor for a proper examination to advice you on the most suitable treatment options for you.

Generally speaking, there are various methods for treating pores and acne scars: microneedling radiofrequency, trichloroacetic acid CROSS (chemical reconstruction of skin scars) and fractional lasers.

Please see your doctor to discuss the best option for you.

As my colleagues have mentioned, several treatment options exist, and often several are required to target the different types of scars present on the face.

At the Aesthetic Studio, we particularly like the resurfacing achieved with the Picoplus picosecond laser that:

1. Resurfaces scars with minimal downtime

2. Achieves a subcision-like effect due to its mechanism of action on the dermis - it creates little bubbles of air at multiple levels to do this

3. Continues to rejuvenate the skin and minimise pore appearance over time

Where necessary additional treatments are used to manage trickier scars, and that is best advised while at consult.

Do remember that scar treatment is often a long drawn affair, with maximal results coming out 6 months to a year after your series of monthly treatments. Ultimately, scar resurfacing is for the better and you will enjoy the renewed skin for many years without the need to repeat the procedures.


Dr Shane Tan

I would actually like to do subcision and Radiesse fillers for your deep tethered scars.

It is clear that that has led to significant uneven-ness on the complexion.

Follow up with a TCA cross and fractional laser and that should make your scars much better.


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