What promotes hair growth after suffering from hair loss as a side effect of Roaccutane?

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The hair loss as a side effect of Roaccutane therapy is actually uncommon and temporary. Once Roaccutane therapy is stopped, the hair usually regrows 4-6 months later.

There is no proven therapy (oral or topical) to prevent or treat hair loss occurring during Roaccutane therapy.

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Is PRP injection available for hair loss in Singapore? (photo)

It is indeed distressing to face hair loss at a young age. I would not rush into PRP injections as the first option since: 1. It is not legally available in Singapore2. There is only scant evidence of its efficacy for hair loss3. So far the scant evidence only shows results for certain types of hair loss I would recommend seeking a full consultation with an aesthetic doctor or dermatologist with a special interest in hair, ascertain the exact reason of the hair loss, before moving on to discussing treatment options. The process often requires blood tests and a detailed consultation.

Can Minoxidil reverse hair loss and hair miniaturisation?

Thank you for your question. How Does Minoxidil Help With Hair Loss? Minoxidil is a topical treatment that is used in individuals with male and female pattern hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia. In males, Minoxidil is best used in conjunction with Finasteride. How Does Minoxidil Help With Androgenetic Alopecia? In androgenetic alopecia, hair miniaturisation occurs, whereby matured hair that is thick and pigmented turns into finer and less pigmented ones called vellus hair.

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