How can I make sense of the ECCA grading scale to determine which acne scar treatment product is suitable for me?

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The ECCA grading scale (échelle d’évaluation clinique des cicatrices d’acné) is a validated tool designed to help doctors to assess the severity of acne scars and to standardize discussions about the treatments of scars. By itself, it does not help select the best treatment option for a patient.

Most practitioners are in agreement that combination treatments tailored to the type of acne scars present is the most important consideration in the choice of acne scar treatments.

In general, deep ice-pick scars are most resistant to the treatments and often require punch excision as a first stage to convert them to shallower scars before embarking on additional resurfacing procedures.

The most commonly resurfacing procedures include:

  • Subcision
  • Microneedling
  • Fractional CO2 lasering
  • Fractional microneedle RF
  • Fractional picosecond lasering.

Each has its own pros & cons in terms of efficacy, downtime, side-effects and costs. Do read up the Acne Scar Treatment section for more details on these various acne scar treatment options.

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Is it possible to get rid of acne permanently if one has PCOS?

Yes, you are right in that acne scar treatments should be commenced once acne has resolved and become quiescent. Acne scar treatments such as fractional CO2 laser can also cause scarring if there is active ace and secondly; ongoing acne can cause new scars to form. PCOS is a condition that troubles many when it comes together with acne as the local skin factors are also affected by systemic hormonal issues. Besides oral contraceptives, anti-adrogenic medications like Spironolactone can be helpful.

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How many acne scar treatment sessions do I need for mild acne scarring before I can achieve significant improvements? (photo)

Hi there, One session of Picosure will give you noticeable results of 5-10% improvement with no downtime. PicoSure utilities the Focus Lens which targets the laser energy at 20x the usual strength deep under the skin, WITHOUT removing the top layer of the skin. Therefore it has no downtime. It is also proven to produce noticeable collagen at the areas where the scars are. For moderate improvement, I suggest that you will need 5-6 sessions of Picosure.

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