Do I need to see a dermatologist for an itchy skin rash from cold weather?

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It is not uncommon to develop dryness and itch after a trip to a cold country with low humidity. The dryness of the skin can aggravate the itch and can lead to the development of eczema. Hives can also be triggered by the change in temperature and climate.

It would be useful for you now to use soap free washes and moisturize the skin regularly but if the dryness and scaling is persistent, you can visit the dermatologist who will be able help you with this problem.

Hope you had an enjoyable trip to Europe!

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What should I do next for hives?

The description of your rashes seems like hives. That being said, it is safer to consult a doctor to confirm the diagnosis of hives. If it is hives, both classes of oral medications: 1) anti-histamines such as cetirizine, telecast etc and 2) a short course of low dose oral prednisolone (steroid) should be prescribed by your doctor for quick and effective recovery. Topical steroid medications will be ineffective. Calamine lotion can help with relieving itch but it does not help with controlling the underlying inflammatory response.

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Dr David Deng


How do I know if I’m having steroid withdrawal symptoms?

Thank you for posting a question. This is a complex question, which warrants proper questioning and examination by a qualified doctor. Any answer we give here will be difficult to answer your question with proper justice. Depending on your weight, 20mg of prednisolone is usually considered low dose and it is usually not expected to have these side effects especially when the course is so short as well. (perhaps you can consider to see a doctor to check if you have other medical problems) Most of your symptoms are non specific, and as such answers will probably be non specific as well.

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