How do I know if I’m having steroid withdrawal symptoms?

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Dr Paul Ang

General Practitioner

Thank you for posting a question.

This is a complex question, which warrants proper questioning and examination by a qualified doctor. Any answer we give here will be difficult to answer your question with proper justice.

  1. Depending on your weight, 20mg of prednisolone is usually considered low dose and it is usually not expected to have these side effects especially when the course is so short as well. (perhaps you can consider to see a doctor to check if you have other medical problems)
  2. Most of your symptoms are non specific, and as such answers will probably be non specific as well. A google search will turn up thousands of possible diagnoses.
  3. If you suspect that these symptoms could be related to the short course of steroids, you should consult an endocrinologist in person to try to figure out. Or perhaps you could start by seeing the doctor who prescribed you the medication to start with and ask him.

In fact, if anyone suspects any symptom could be due to medications, the patient should immediately see back the prescribing doctor to clarify.

Take care.

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