Can pimples turn into moles?

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What you have just described sounds like post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, or PIH for short. This is a pigmentation condition left when your pimple heals. While it is not a true scar, and will fade with time, this can take many months on its own. Pimples do not turn into moles; they are very different conditions.

You may be able to speed up this process by using some medical-grade creams and/or some procedures such as lasers and chemical peels. It would also be important to target why you keep having repeated pimples in certain areas of your skin too, to stop this cycle of pimples and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. You may wish to consult your doctor regarding possible treatment options for your acne condition.

Remember not to pick at your pimples too, as this can worsen PIH and even lead to scarring in some instances!

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Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or even a granuloma (a small raised lump due to trauma or pimple picking) seems more likely diagnosis.

But do get it checked out by your doctor.

There are a few possibilities. It could have been a mole right from the start, or else a pimple that has turned dark (blood clot/post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation).

Acne do not turn into moles. I would recommend to consult a doctor/dermatologist to decide if further tests are needed before removal.

Hope this helps!

In Asian skin, all pink pimples will heal leaving a brown mark known as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This is due to the higher melanin content in our skin being disturbed during the inflammatory process.

The good news is, these brown patches will usually fade in 2-3 months, and medical grade lightening creams or a light laser can help it fade faster. Just remember to stay out of the sun to help it along as well.

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