When can I benefit from buccal fat removal to make my face more symmetrical and contoured? (Photo)

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Dr Adrian Ooi

Plastic Surgeon

Hi there,

Buccal fat pad removal is one way of obtaining a more contoured, slimmer facial appearance. However, you need to be seen by a plastic surgeon to discuss your goals and the procedures required to achieve these. While fat removal is one way of contouring the face, there are also other techniques affecting structures such as the bone, muscle, fascia and skin.

Other techniques include:

  • Botox,
  • Fillers,
  • Fat grafting,
  • Threads,
  • Surgical procedures with or without the use of implants.

Hope this helps!

Dr Adrian
Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Illumia Medical
Polaris Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

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How effective is buccal fat removal in treating bruxism? (photo)

There is ZERO evidence that removal of buccal fat will cure or treat bruxism. At the moment, there is no cure for bruxism as it can be due to a deep-seated neurological program in the brain. All forms of therapy for bruxism (splints/bite guards, Botox, sleep apnoea management) only manage the peripheral effects such as destruction of teeth and restorations and pain. These treatments aim to limit irreversible damage to the teeth and restorations but will not cure or reduce the frequency at which a patient will brux.

Photo of Dr Jaclyn Toh

Answered By

Dr Jaclyn Toh


What is the better method between masseteric botox and buccal fat removal in obtaining a slimmer face and jawline?

Hi, Botox applications of the masseters are to treat square jaws resulting from clenching and grinding of the muscle. Buccal fat removal on the other hand is to reduce the fatty bulge in the lower front of the cheeks. This bulge deepens the smiling fold and typically adds to the jowly appearance of the cheeks, hence some patients seek this treatment. So, depending of the problem, one would need to have the appropriate method/s to achieve a slimmer face and jawline and requires a consultation with your doctor.

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Answered By

Dr Benjamin Yim


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