What is the better method between masseteric botox and buccal fat removal in obtaining a slimmer face and jawline?

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Botox applications of the masseters are to treat square jaws resulting from clenching and grinding of the muscle.

Buccal fat removal on the other hand is to reduce the fatty bulge in the lower front of the cheeks. This bulge deepens the smiling fold and typically adds to the jowly appearance of the cheeks, hence some patients seek this treatment.

So, depending of the problem, one would need to have the appropriate method/s to achieve a slimmer face and jawline and requires a consultation with your doctor. Also, Botox does not have downtime whereas removal of buccal fat has a downtime after the surgery.

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What is the best method between Botox, jaw reduction, or buccal fat removal to obtain a slimmer face and jawline? (photo)

You have a nice face shape to start with. :)If you wish to enhance your features and achieve a slimmer face with more defined jawline, I would suggest you to try the following treatments: 1) Chin Filler Dermal filler can be injected into the chin to achieve well-defined chin and more V-shaped looking face. Your face can look slimmer when your features are sharper. 2) Botox Jaw Reduction Botox jaw reduction is another popular treatment used to shrink jaw muscles so that the face will look slimmer and less square.

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For masseter Botox injection to achieve jaw slimming, is it more effective to get 20 units divided over 3 injection points or 20 units in a single injection point?

It is more effective to inject the 20 units in the lower and more posterior parts of the muscle as the aim is to achieve a V shaped lower face, therefore the lower and posterior parts of the muscle should be targeted to shrink more. By placing 20 units in one spot only, the doctor can not reach the other parts of the muscle and you may just get a overall sunken face rather than a slim tapering lower face. Also , by injecting in the lower and posterior parts , the doctor can avoid Botox fromflowing in front to the risorius muscle , which will cause an asymmetrical smile .

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