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Dr Wenus Ho is a family physician, designated workplace doctor, and Aesthetic Medicine doctor with Fusion Medical. As with that, her main interest lies in Aesthetic Medicine, Family Medicine and Women’s Health. She graduated from the University of Edinburgh and has since then taken up various graduate and postgraduate trainings. With that and years of practice, she has experience and vast knowledge in different kinds of treatments.

Dr Ho has continuously advanced her skills by following the latest trends and technologies in Aesthetic Medicine. She is known to be soft and patient, helping all her patients reach a natural and rejuvenated look.

She also frequents local and overseas conferences to keep herself updated on treatments for women’s health-related issues. This includes menopause management, hormonal replacement and stress urinary incontinence among many others. Being a mother herself, she understands the body changes and thus the concerns women may have after childbirth.

As a Family Physician, Dr Ho strongly believes that everyone should age healthily. With that, counseling on diet and lifestyle improvement is an integral part of her practice. She also provides guidance in both disease management and prevention through health screenings.

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  • MBChB (Edinburgh)

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If I had sex after ovulation, are there any benefits to taking the morning-after pill, e.g. Ella, to prevent pregnancy?

The primary mechanism by how the morning-after pill works is to delay or prevent ovulation, hence taking the pill after ovulation will mean the pill is much less effective. However, I will generally still advise my patient to take the pill to prevent any unwanted pregnancy if there was unprotected sex because of the following reasons: We can estimate when ovulation happens, which is about 14 days after your period for a usual menstrual cycle of 28 days, but we are unable to say for certainty when it actually occurs.

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Dr Wenus Ho

General Practitioner, Aesthetic

What options are there in Singapore to check if my ovaries are healthy, especially when they are of different sizes?

I would advise that you see your family physician or gynaecologist for a complete evaluation of your ovarian function. I would usually start off with a complete medical history review of my patient, with a focus on the menstrual history (when menses started, the regularity of menses, flow, etc), sexual and contraceptive history and any previous tests, treatment or surgeries performed on the female genital organs. I would then proceed to a physical examination of my patient with a focus on the pelvic area, looking for any signs of abnormalities.

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Dr Wenus Ho

Aesthetic, General Practitioner

When is the best time to take a pregnancy test for the most accurate results?

There are 2 main types of pregnancy tests, a urine test kit which can be performed in the convenience and privacy of your own home or in the clinic, and a blood test that must be performed in the clinic. Both tests work by measuring if there is a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG) which is produced after a fertilised egg is attached to the womb. The urine test kit is what I would call a “qualitative” test kit, it gives you a “Yes” or “No” answer and it works once the hCG reaches a certain level.

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Dr Wenus Ho

General Practitioner, Aesthetic


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