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Dr Mohanarajah S Senathirajah is an Orthodontist based in Singapore. He is currently practising at Q&M Dental Clinics (Bukit Gombak, Hougang Mall, Punggol MRT)

Dr Mohan graduated with a BDS from National University of Singapore (NUS) in 1995. He went on to pursue his postgraduate studies with NUS and completed his Master of Dental Surgery (Orthodontics) with dual accreditation from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in 2012.

Dr Mohan was elected Chairperson of the Association of Orthodontists (Singapore) Congress in 2017 and was subsequently the President of the Association of Orthodontists (Singapore) from 2017 to 2019.

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Phone: 65693120


  • MDS (Orthodontics) (Singapore)
  • M Orth RCS (Edinburgh)

Awards and Achievements

  • President of Association of Orthodontists (Singapore) 2017- 2019
  • Chairperson, Association of Orthodontists (Singapore) Congress 2017

Recent Answers

What are the challenges you faced at the COVID-19 quarantine zones (aside from the heat), maybe on the personal or mental level?

I think the challenge would be the different locations, like what Fay had said. We do government quarantine facilities, which are mainly chalets, hotels. And then we’ve also gone into the factory-converted dorms, which are all construction sites. So they both pose a different (set of) challenges, and we only know what we’re up against when we reach there in the morning before we set up. Sometimes there are some chalets --- when we go we don’t even have an area to do proper swabs and do the packing.

What kind of work goes into ensuring that the COVID-19 quarantine zones are kept in line?

I think that when we go down we are very happy to see that we’re not the only ones there. Ministry of Manpower has also sent people in, the Singapore Armed Forces have got people in, so there’s actually a good team that’s been set up. And we work well (together). Q&M works well with these two agencies and we’re able to execute our job, (do) what’s needed, and at the same time maintain the integrity of the infected area so that we don’t bring things in or take anything out.

What were your initial thoughts when faced with the task of volunteering at the COVID-19 quarantine zones? Things like your families getting worried?

I think I share the sentiments of everyone. We all want to help, and when given the opportunity, we were ready to go, we have so many volunteers who have signed up under Q&M that every day when there’s a task we have more than enough for the numbers required. But at the end of the day when you finish and you go back, just before you step into your home, there’s always this thing at the back of your mind. You know, you want to be safe, the people have to be safe -- your loved ones have to be safe, so I think that’s very important. So to me, it’s a fine balance.

Recent Sessions

Q&M: Dentists on the COVID-19 Frontline

Ended on May 13, 2020

Front-line workers such as medical professionals and other healthcare providers are feeling the pressure as the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise in Singapore. As the Singapore government increases the measures put into place during this circuit breaker to stop the spread of COVID-19, there are other healthcare workers who continue to be on standby, in case of emergencies. Dr Badrun, Dr Mohan, Dr Leslie Ang, Dr Syed and Dr Fay Wee, from Q & M Dental Group, will share and answer your questions on what it's like to work on the front-line during this COVID-19 period. Ask your burning questions away in this session!

During the Circuit Breaker period, Q & M Dental Group remains open to care for patients who require emergency and urgent dentistry.


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