What were your initial thoughts when faced with the task of volunteering at the COVID-19 quarantine zones? Things like your families getting worried?

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I think I share the sentiments of everyone. We all want to help, and when given the opportunity, we were ready to go, we have so many volunteers who have signed up under Q&M that every day when there’s a task we have more than enough for the numbers required. But at the end of the day when you finish and you go back, just before you step into your home, there’s always this thing at the back of your mind. You know, you want to be safe, the people have to be safe -- your loved ones have to be safe, so I think that’s very important. So to me, it’s a fine balance. You want to help, and the good thing is that the company has provided very good protection, we are very well-equipped when we go in, so at the end of the day, we have no qualms about doing this day in, day out. And we’ve been at this for three weeks non-stop because I think we know we can help and when we come back we can still mingle with our loved ones with peace of mind.

I was just talking to Mohan, he’s very lucky. So when I told my family that I’m going to do this, everyone’s like “Yeah! Go make a difference!” And then when it was the eve of when we started -- I live in a jumbo flat, I come home and I’m cordoned off to one room, there’s a meal station set up, there’s a laptop for me to watch my Netflix, then I’m told by my wife that I can’t pick up my baby or interact with them anymore. But it’s fine, it all worked out fine. I think it’s worth it, and everyone’s very supportive.

I think now that Badrun has said that, none of this is possible without our CEO, Dr. Ng Chin Siau’s support. He’s provided us with so much PPE that there’s no compromise, no compromise at all. Nothing is reused, and every day all he screams on the chat is “Protection, protection, protection”, “You are not going to get sick helping people, go out and help.” And I think it must be put forward that it’s not possible without the whole company’s support.

The initial thought was no questions, of course, I’m going to go in. If I have the chance to help out, I will do it. Well, my parents were the last to know of course. But when they did find out, they were all supportive.

My initial thoughts were actually the last words from my wife before I went off. “Don’t you dare bring anything back.” That was like -- it stayed on my mind when we started gowning up and everything.

Well, definitely, I took a pause because I know that I want to go in and help. Then I was also thinking (about) the things that I can do to make sure that I don’t come back with something. But after a short, few seconds pause, I said I’m going to go in, and this is coupled with the fact -- reassurance by our boss that they’re going to give us the protection so it’s definitely something that I have no regrets doing.

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