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What are the symptoms of a tattoo-related infection (photo)?

Hi, the symptoms and signs of a skin infection that may arise from the process of tattooing are redness, swelling and pain with discharge. These signs happen several days after the procedure. Another type of infection is related to the transmission through the use of contaminated needles that cut / penetrate the skin ie. tattoo needles. HIV and hepatitis B and C are some examples of such transmissible infections. These, however, can take several weeks before the symptoms become apparent. Hope this helps.

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What are some common side-effects after a PicoSure tattoo removal?

The most common side effects are: Pain - tattoo removal can be more painful than getting the tattoo, that’s why I use strong numbing cream, however, even with that, it is still painful. Redness - skin redness at the treated area is to be expected and can last for 8-12 hours. Blisters - blisters can form and will need cautious care with creams and maybe even wound dressing. No results - some stubborn tattoos may be difficult to remove but with PicoSure, a type of picosecond laser, it is much able to treat stubborn tattoos due to its unique 755nm wavelength and low pulse duration.

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