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What can cause a constant pinching sensation and sensitivity to garments at the urethra/ penis tip?

The urinary meatus is essentially the opening of the urethra. What this means is that it is the point where urine exits the urethra in males and in females. It is also the point where semen exits the urethra in males. The meatus is located on the glans of the penis or in the vulval vestibule. Some doctors would refer to it as the external urethral orifice. It presents as a vertical slit and continues longitudinally along the front aspect of the glans. The meatus can have varying degrees of sensitivity to touch.

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Dr Beng Yeong Ng


Should I be concerned with dry, peeling foreskin next to the glands of my penis?

Thank you for your interest in such a commonly encountered problem at the clinic. Quite a number of potential causes for dry skin on penis and penis skin peeling came to my mind. 1.) Dry, unlubricated sexual acts, including masturbation or intercourse, can cause enough friction to irritate the skin of the penis. Irritation of the skin of the penis can culminate in itching, flaking, and peeling of the skin. Opt for a water-based lubricant if you have sensitive skin. 2.) Wearing overly tight pants or pants without underwear can also cause irritation from friction.

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Dr Beng Yeong Ng


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