How can a patient determine which pico laser machine would be the most effective for them?

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That is a key question! All practitioners would like an answer to that before they decide on which device to purchase.

Of course, there may be differences in the treatment outcomes between the different pico-lasers. But in reality, the differences may not be critical to the final clinical outcome.

The final clinical outcome is dependent on other key variables including the correct diagnosis, if the condition is laser-responsive, correct choice of wavelength, energy setting, technique, and use of complementary treatment modalities.

As such, the answer to which pico-laser is the “best” is always going to be highly subjective.

For patients, it is most important to find an aesthetic doctor whom they trust and who is able to deliver the clinical results counselled safely.

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What is the difference between Pico Plus, Pico Way and Pico Sure?

This is a question that I get quite commonly. PicoPlus, Pico way and Picosure are different brands of quality Picosecond lasers. There are other picolaser brands like discovery picolaser, Picocare and Enlighten. This being said, there are several differences amongst Picolasers: 1. Pulse duration - the hallmark of Picosecond lasers is the ultra-short pulse duration as compared to nanosecond in Q switched lasers. Pulse duration is important as shorter pulse duration means less photo thermal effect (less heat) to surrounding skin.

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Which facial treatment e.g. CO2 fractional laser, micro-needling, Pico laser does glycolic acid best complement?

Glycolic Acid is one of the first-line treatments for various aesthetic conditions. Glycolic acid (GA) is considered the safest and most versatile chemical peeling agent, as it contains the smallest molecule and efficient at penetrating the epidermis. [1] Glycolic acids are also great skin hydrators and smootheners and give the skin a nice healthy glow. Its judicious use will complement all the skin resurfacing procedures that you have highlighted.

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