Why are wisdom teeth extractions more complicated and costly than procedures to extract other teeth?

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Am I suitable for an occlusal bite adjustment if my top teeth do not touch my lower teeth?

A tooth that does not bite on another corresponding tooth is described as a non-functional tooth. Non-functional teeth may drift within the jawbone until resistance is encountered to provide an occlusal stop (a stable biting position) because your bite pattern is determined by muscular and nervous control. This resistance can be another tooth, the gum or an artificial tooth replacement (an implant, a bridge or a denture). Migration of the tooth is irregular and may result in slanting, tilting or tipping of the tooth.

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Dr Jaclyn Toh


Should I do my dental crown or braces first?

It is better to get your braces done first before your crown. This is because the tooth and gum position will move and it may affect the final crown work. The crown surface may also be damaged during braces work (risk is small) which means that you may need a new crown after braces. If you want to be treated with subsidy you will need a polyclinic referral letter. However please note that there are no subsidies for any orthodontic treatment. You can be seen by the postgraduate students at NUS for a slightly reduced price for braces if you wanted to.

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Dr Sylvia Tan


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