What complications can result from having an abortion?

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In general, abortions are safe with low complication rates when performed by a gynaecologist in a MOH-approved clinic or hospital.

Common complications would include small amount of placental tissue remaining in the uterus (generally in the order of less than 5%). This is usually due to perhaps a small bit stuck in corner of the uterus and it would be unsafe to continue scraping at the area. This usually may pass out on its own or the gynaecologist may suggest some medication to expel it. Rarely it may require a second procedure.

Other complications include uterine or pelvic infection but this is quite rare (less than 1-2%) if done in aseptic manner by a gyne. This is more associated with “illegal back street abortions”.

If a woman has repeated curettages, she is at higher risk of Asherman’s syndrome where scar tissue forms within the uterus causing reduced or absent menstrual flow and sometimes infertility. Often this requires surgery to correct.

Another rare complication is that of uterine perforation where a puncture is made through the uterine wall. This is usually corrected by a laparoscopic procedure to assess for further injury and to stop any associated bleeding.

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Will it be on public record if I get an abortion in Singapore?

Yes you will be able to get an abortion in Singapore if you are a holder of a permit/pass issued under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act. Your pregnancy also needs to be below 24 weeks to obtain an abortion. After 24 weeks of pregnancy, you can only get an abortion if your life is at risk, or your foetus has a severe abnormality - this must be performed in a public hospital. As long as you are above 16 years old, NO ONE ELSE will be informed about your pregnancy and abortion due to medical confidentiality.

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Where can I go for a medical abortion in the first trimester?

Thank you for your question. It is an unfortunate situation. You/your friend will have to see a gynaecologist. A clinic that does abortions needs special medical licensing. I haven’t heard of any of my GP colleagues doing medical abortions. Yes an abortion needs a scan. All these are not going to be cheap. There are many options available other than abortion as well. The child can be carried to term and put up for adoption. There are many other people who needs children. There are potential long term risks from abortion.

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