What combination acne scar treatment is best for red and pitted acne scars? (photo)

Doctor's Answer


Thank you for your question and photos.

From your photos, you have a combination of acne scars - you have depressed scars (ice pick acne scars, box-scar acne scars) and post-inflammatory erythema (red marks).

It is best to treat these acne scars early and to take preventive measures to avoid having new acne outbreaks.

For depressed scars, fractional laser treatments and subcision would help.

Common fractional lasers are CO2 Laser, Erbium lasers. These fractional lasers help to stimulate collagen, which helps with scar remodelling.

Subcision is a minor skin procedure that helps to lift up tethered scars (scars that are stuck down).

For post-inflammatory erythema, I suggest vascular lasers like pulsed dye lasers or yellow lasers (pro yellow, dual yellow).

In my practice, I usually combine several lasers and subcision to optimise acne scar results.

Hope that this helps!

Warmest regards,

Dr Justin Boey

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