What are some possible causes for rashes in the crook of both my arms? (photo)

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The appearance of discrete red bumps over the front of your elbow is a little peculiar. It does not suggest eczema or skin sensitivity which commonly affects this area but presents as red scaly patches instead.

The possible causes of your rash include insect bite reaction, inflammation of the hair follicles / ducts of skin glands as well as infiltrative skin disorders.

A close examination by your doctor who will examine if other parts of your body are similarly affected together with a thorough history may help shed further light on the cause of your condition.

Hope this helps!

Dr YC Choong

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Could an itchy rash be a sign of an STD? (photo)

Hi, I can understand your concern about the rash in view of your exposure history. Certainly, some STDs can cause rash/ skin lesions like Syphilis, Herpes and HIV. Typically, secondary syphilis (that means syphilis that has not been treated and the disease progress to 2nd stage) can cause a rash but the rash is usually not itchy and usually appear as small bumps. Herpes usually cause blister-like skin lesions. HIV rash can vary in appearance and there is no specific characteristic rash that can definitely indicate that it is a HIV rash.

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Dr Julian Ng

General Practitioner

How long does pityriasis rosea take to clear up?

Thanks for the question. Pityriasis rosea is a condition that typically presents with scattered red rashes on the trunk and arms and thighs which may be scaly. The face is often spared in this condition. There is a herald patch, often a larger patch that appears before the rest of the rashes, but this is not seen in all cases of pityriasis rosea. The face is also a very unusual site to get the herald patch. So overall, it is really difficult to comment if your rash is truly pityriasis rosea without seeing your rashes.

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Dr Colin Theng


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