Could an itchy rash be a sign of an STD? (photo)

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I can understand your concern about the rash in view of your exposure history. Certainly, some STDs can cause rash/ skin lesions like Syphilis, Herpes and HIV. Typically, secondary syphilis (that means syphilis that has not been treated and the disease progress to 2nd stage) can cause a rash but the rash is usually not itchy and usually appear as small bumps.

Herpes usually cause blister-like skin lesions. HIV rash can vary in appearance and there is no specific characteristic rash that can definitely indicate that it is a HIV rash.

Looking at your photos, the rash looks like it could be either a allergic reaction (ie. hives) or fungal. Both of these conditions can cause itchiness as well. However, I would recommend that you visit a doctor for a thorough assessment in order to determine the treatment.

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Are there any side effects to taking antihistamines for rashes over a long period of time?

It does sound like your son may have hives or urticaria and has been prescribed with telfast. Telfast is a second generation antihistamine which is a non-drowsy antihistamine as it does not cross the blood brain barrier. While there are not many studies on the long term use of the antihistamines, it is generally believed that the 2nd generation antihistamines are safe for use in the long term. We must always weigh the risks vs benefits of taking the medicines for the long term, but the risks with long term antihistamines is low.

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Could I have an STD if I have a rash and pimples on my penis, one day after having unprotected oral sex?

One day is pretty quick for the symptoms you’ve described to appear – so I’m going to work with the assumption that this is not the first time you’ve gone for unprotected oral sex. You have clearly exposed yourself by having unprotected oral sex, so you need to go to an STD clinic ASAP for a screening check-up. If you had sex with your partner after having unprotected oral sex, she should also be screened. It’s important that you do so – STDs can be passed on to your partner and baby as well, if they are not treated.

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