What are some effects I may experience after a dental implant? What is the recommended amount of time I should abstain from smoking after dental surgery?

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Which treatment, a root canal or a dental implant, is more time-flexible and will result in less bone loss after tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction will always cause bone loss in the extraction site. When a tooth is removed, functional forces cannot be transmitted to the bone supporting that tooth. Bone loss occurs to conserve resources (to build and maintain bone at the same volume). This is a physiological (natural) phenomenon that keeps our bodies functioning efficiently. There are techniques to reduce (but not prevent) bone loss (bone grafting) at the time of extraction. Bone grafting using artificial bone does not produce the same volume of native (a continuation of the patient's own jawbone) bone.

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What is a dental implant?

If you’re missing your tooth, an implant should actually replace the missing tooth. An implant is basically a titanium screw and a fixture that actually goes into the bone. Dentists will fit a titanium screw into your bone, and this screw replaces the root of the existing tooth that’s extracted. Let’s say you cracked a tooth or if you have gum disease and the tooth gets extracted. What do you do about it? We put a titanium screw in, and then on that titanium screw, we put this thing called the abutment -- it’s a screw within a screw.

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