I had a nose bridge and tip thread lift. It is bothering me that i can feel a thread in my upper middle gingival area. My doctor said it will be dissolved in few months, but the area where the thread is protruding is getting uncomfortable. What are the next possible steps I could take?

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It sounds like you are having a thread extrusion. If it is indeed giving you discomfort, please consult a doctor who is much more experienced and a trainer in threadlift to resolve the issue.

Usually I would do a detailed examination and then proceed to remove the offending thread (if I can feel or see it) via a sterile aseptic technique. It takes maybe 15 mins or less and the problem is solved!

I am seeing more and more of such complications as more doctors start to perform threadlifts without the necessary training and experience to handle the possible complications.

It’s unreasonable for the doctor to expect you to bear with such increasing discomfort for the next 6-9 months.

Hope that helps !

Best Regards,
Dr Isaac Wong

What you are experiencing is an abutting of your nose threads on the oral mucosa, which can happen as a complication of nose-tip threads.

It is true that the threads will be dissolved by your skin in time, but it can cause a great deal of discomfort in the few months before it does. There is also the possiblity of thread extrusion if there is alot of pressure of the thread on the mucosa.

If the threads are causing you alot of discomfort, I suggest removing the thread via a small puncture hole through the oral mucosa. This will have to be done under aseptic technique and with adequate local anaesthesia.

Hope this helps!

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