How will wisdom teeth extraction change my face shape and jawline?

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Having teeth (wisdom teeth or others) extracted usually DOES NOT cause your face shape or jawline to change.

The wisdom teeth are found in areas of dense bone deep in the back of the mouth. The soft tissue and skin covering these areas are rich in underlying subcutaneous fat, facial fat pads and muscles. These soft tissue structures are UNCHANGED even when extractions are performed.

In certain racial groups (Asians, just to name one) the robust dermal layer and fat pads tend to keep the face shape and jawline stable even after extractions.

You may have come across consumer reports (blog reviews, testimonials etc) that claim to have experienced facial slimming or the accentuation of a V-shaped face after wisdom tooth removal, however these claims have not been verified and measured objectively.

What I suspect occurred in these cases is that patients may perceive their face as having "slimmed" down after the initial post-surgery swelling has subsided. Without standardised photos or 3D scans, it is impossible to verify this.

Also due to post-surgical swelling and discomfort, many patients are unable to maintain their usual diet and this may result in inadvertent weight loss that shows up in the face.

If a patient had wisdom teeth removed when they were younger, they may confuse the natural ageing of the face as being caused by the wisdom teeth being absent. It is natural for the soft tissue to shrink around the jawline and chin as we age.

In summary, it is impossible for wisdom teeth extraction to reliably change your face shape and jawline. If you are bothered by your facial features and jawline, I would advise you see a plastic surgeon who can advise you better on facial contouring methods (Botox, fillers or jaw surgery).

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Thank you for your question. I get this question a lot and I am happy to give you my opinion. Firstly, as with any proposed treatment, your dentist should be aware of the indications, and contraindications. At my practice, it is not unusual to remove all the wisdom teeth at a go (when indicated) under Intra-venous sedation for guaranteed comfort during the procedure. For many of our patients, dental anxiety is a major concern and they have an option for them to be sedated. If you prefer not to be sedated, removing all wisdom teeth can also be done under local anesthesia.

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