How to treat a nappy rash due to fungal infection?

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Sorry to hear your baby is not well and in pain during her bath. I would advise you to see a dermatologist as soon as possible, so that the rash can be looked at properly and appropriate creams prescribed.

It is not common for babies to get fungal infections of their buttocks. It is more likely this is due to irritant contact dermatitis where the skin is irritated by frequent contact with her urine and faeces.

You can try moisturisers and regular nappy changes as a start but it is most likely she will regular a short course of treatment with a mild steroid cream to improve the rash. Hope she feels better very soon!

Warm regards

Dr Stephanie Ho, Dermatologist

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The description of your rashes seems like hives. That being said, it is safer to consult a doctor to confirm the diagnosis of hives. If it is hives, both classes of oral medications: 1) anti-histamines such as cetirizine, telecast etc and 2) a short course of low dose oral prednisolone (steroid) should be prescribed by your doctor for quick and effective recovery. Topical steroid medications will be ineffective. Calamine lotion can help with relieving itch but it does not help with controlling the underlying inflammatory response.

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