How can I get rid of longstanding severe shoulder muscle ache?

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Thank you for your question - shoulder pain can be quite frustrating, particularly if it’s your dominant arm and you develop night pain or a restriction in movement.

There are a few things to consider:

  1. Is there limited movement?
  2. Is there night pain?
  3. Was there any trauma leading to the symptoms?
  4. Have you been generally unwell?
  5. Have you noticed any unusual breathing or gastrointestinal symptoms?
  6. Have you unintentionally lost weight or had a change in appetite?

If the top 3 ring a bell, then perhaps you have a musculoskeletal issue with a bone, joint or muscle pathology limiting your function.

The lump might be a red herring in this case, perhaps it could be a lipoma it area of muscle tightness. In this case seeing a MSK/Sports Physician or a Physiotherapist might be a good starting option. They can assess you and progress your treatment based on their findings.

If the latter three resonate with you, then it might be something more systemic, in which case seeing a Sports/General Medicine Physician or a GP would be an idea. They can take a detailed history, examine you and then if needed arrange follow with any appropriate colleagues.

I hope this provides you with some guidance and hopefully you can get your shoulder addressed. If you have any further questions please do get in touch!


Dr Dinesh

Photo of Dr Henry Chan
Dr Henry Chan

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Thank you for your email. I would suggest you to get a proper check up by a doctor or Orthopaedic Surgeon - normal "shoulder strain" should not persist for more than a few weeks, and sometimes the pain felt at the shoulder may not be related to any shoulder problem, the pain is referred from somewhere in the neck.

Doctors will do a thorough check, and sometimes an MRI scan for you to find out what is the cause. A scan will also be able to pick up if there is any abnormal growth in the region.

Hope it clarifies some doubts for you.

Best Regards,

Dr. Henry Chan

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