Is it safe for an elderly person to take a combination of multivitamins, fish oils, gingko biloba & chicken essence daily?

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Can I continue to give my child vitamins/supplements while he is on medication?

Herbs, vitamins, and other dietary supplements may augment or antagonize the actions of medications prescribed by your doctor. What research has shown is that in adults, St. John's wort is the supplement that has the most documented interactions with drugs. There could be serious consequences when the supplements interact with medications that prevent clotting, medications for heart conditions, medications for diabetes and medications for conditions related to HIV. Several online resources allow you to check for interactions between drugs and supplements you are taking.

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Can I give a 1 year old child Antamin (Chlorpheniramine) for runny nose?

A one year old child can take chlorpheniramine for a runny nose. The dosage needed is dependent on the child's weight. Please consult your doctor on the dosage to be given.

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