Can braces fix my protruding teeth and improve my side profile? (photo)

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I'm sure this protruding look must have been bothering you. Protruding teeth do prop up your lips and give you a full look like what you have shown in your photos. However, we will need to determine if this protruding look is caused by only your teeth being protruding or whether there is a jaw component to it.

In most patients, this is caused by teeth being slanted out and braces alone will be able to correct this and improve your side profile. This may often involve extraction of teeth. However, if your bone is protruding, you may need to undergoing braces in combination with jaw surgery to get a complete correction.

I would highly recommend you to see an orthodontist so that we can take a side-view x-ray to assess your condition, explain to you the cause of the problem and discuss with you what are your possible treatment options.

I agree with Dr Enrica. When it comes to protruding teeth and facial side profiles, there are always 2 things to consider:

1. Soft tissues such as your lip thickness and length, as well as lip competency (ie whether your lips can close passively when your mouth is at rest, like if you're watching tv for example)

2. Hard tissues such as your teeth and jaw bone.

What we want is for all the components to support and balance out each other harmoniously to give a nice side profile both facially and dentally.

Based on the photos provided, it does look like braces or invisalign can help correct your protruding teeth and it would improve your facial side profile.

Do feel free to reach out if you have any further queries but my advice would be to go for a consultation with a dentist you trust, get a proper diagnosis and xrays done so that you have a clearer understanding of what treatment would be best for you.

All the best!

Warm regards,

Dr Beth

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