Knowing that finasteride 5mg tablets are much cheaper than the 1mg ones, is it safe to use the 5mg formula to treat male pattern hair loss?

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Unfortunately, only finasteride 1mg is approved for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia and not finasteride 5mg.

Higher doses of finasteride will likely be associated with a higher risk of potential side effects such as erectile dysfunction.

As patient safety is the most important in prescribing medical treatment, I would strongly recommend keeping to the standard dose of finasteride 1mg rather than taking a higher dose of 5mg for most patients. Do discuss with your doctor as generic finasteride 1mg offers good value to patients.

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Sorry to hear about your plight. Don't worry, there are proven hair loss treatments that work. I diagnose hair loss through a detailed medical consultation involving your personal medical history and medical history. After that, I will examine your scalp for the causes of hair loss. A full physical examination and blood tests might also be necessary to rule out other medical conditions. There are many proven treatments available. The key is an accurate diagnosis so that the appropriate treatments can be used to treat your root cause of hair loss. Hope this helps!

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What Finasteride dosage should I use for hair loss?

As a general guide, if you are taking finasteride for male patterned hair loss (which I assume you are), you are looking at a minimal dosing of 3mg per week. Side effects, by definition, are dose dependent and slowly increasing the dose and monitoring yourself closely for such side effects allows one to immediately stop the medication if you encounter any. Additionally, finasteride has a better treatment effect in combination with minoxidil and you should consider using both synergistically. Finasteride is also used for female patterned hair loss and can be dosed at 2. 5 – 5mg per DAY.

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