Watch How truSculpt flex Tones Your Muscles for the Ideal Physique

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Dr K K Chew

January 26th, 2020· 5 min read

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Body sculpting is not all about removing excess fat; you should not neglect the role toned muscles play. As an aesthetic medicine doctor, I apply a holistic view to help my patients to achieve their ideal body shape. This means that I do not overlook other aspects that contribute to a person's body shape.

Whether as part of your fat loss regime, fitness booster or post-pregnancy rework, truSculpt flex offers to help you attain those goals, all without surgery. In the video above, I talk about how the non-invasive truSculpt flex is a worthy option to consider toning your muscles with.

Dr K K Chew practices aesthetic medicine and NU•U Aesthetics & Wellness Clinic located at Paragon since 2004. Dr Chew is the past Vice President of the Singapore Society of Aesthetic Medicine and currently serves as its Honorary Advisor. He believes that every face and person is unique and everyone will have their own aspirations and visions.

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