Paediatric dentistry deals with:

  • Teething
  • Oral hygiene
  • Oral habits
  • Feeding practices
  • Dental anomalies
  • Early Childhood Caries
  • Early correction of minor malocclusions

Recent Questions

Should I see my orthodontist straight away if my braces are preventing me from biting normally?

There can be situations where your orthodontist will purposely prevent your teeth from biting together. This may be done with the help of bite turbos or bite buttons. This is usually done at the beginning of treatment, usually if there is a deep overbite that would break brackets off the teeth or if there is significant tooth wear of the front teeth. As treatment progresses, your bite will be monitored and the final finishing stages of treatment are for detailing the bite. The bite turbos will be removed at this stage.

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Dr Jaclyn Toh


Is bad breath in children caused by dietary habits?

Often, we get kids with allergic rhinitis or asthma. The chances of them getting bad breath are higher because their saliva dries out. Most of the time if their hygiene is good, they should not get bad breath.

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Answered By

Dr Jaclyn Toh


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Children and Dentistry

Ended on May 8, 2020

Dr Gerald Tan was voted by his peers to be the youngest and longest-serving president of the Aesthetic Dentistry Society of Singapore (ADSS) from 2012-2016. ADSS also selected him to be on the Singapore Dental Association’s Ethics Committee in 2014. His past experience as a commissioned Dental Officer at the Singapore Armed Forces, National Dental Centre Singapore, SingHealth Polyclinics, and the School Dental Centre, Health Promotion Board enriched him with necessary skills to start his own private group practice in 2013 by the name of Elite Dental Group, with a vision to eliminate severe dental anxiety often associated with complex dental treatment.

Dr Jaclyn Toh graduated with honours from the Dublin Dental School and Hospital of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. She is a member of the Singapore Dental Association, the College of General Dental Practitioners Singapore and the Aesthetic Dentistry Society of Singapore. Dr Toh has been pursuing excellence from the start. Her passion is combining restorative and cosmetic dentistry with orthodontics, for comprehensive dentistry.

Dr Shawna D’dharan graduated from Saveetha Dental College, an institution recognised as among the leading private dental schools in India. As one of the college’s most promising graduates, Dr Shawna excelled in her clinical practice, emerging 2nd out of 100 students in her graduating class.

Baby & Kids Dental Health

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Dr Chng is a Board Certified Paediatric Dentist. She is currently the only paediatric dentist in Singapore to be dually Board Certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and the Royal College of Dentists of Canada. Her main goal as a paediatric dentist is to provide kids with the best level of care whilst in a safe and friendly environment. She particularly enjoys guiding anxious children towards developing an excitement for their dental visits. Combined with a bubbly personality, she simply loves getting to know her patients and their parents and growing together with them.

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